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Summertown Cycles


Everybody has a bike and everybody cycles. Everybody shops with us and everybody smells nice. Cycling is clean and the three grand tours (and all the Spring Classics) are broadcast live on free to air TV. Every town has a crit and every village a croissanterie with bikes outside and coffee on the go.

We’re adult enough to know this is unlikely, but childlike enough to imagine it’s on the way...


We celebrate the fact that cyclists are viewed as slightly odd by non-cyclists. This is part of what defines us: we rejoice in being fit and healthy, non-polluting, quicker through traffic and belonging to part of something cool. For us, this compensates for seeming vaguely anti-social when we turn up smelling of sweat and wet wool and mentholated chamois cream.

We celebrate great design and share our cycling love through the medium of our shop and our stonkingly good customer service. By shopping at Summertown Cycles you demonstrate your good taste, love of bikes and at least a passing interest in our sport.

We celebrate cycling, which we regard as being something special. Cycling is unique in that we - yes, we - ride the same roads as the sport's greats have done for hundreds of years. We can watch the Tour on the telly and when Tadej crests L’Alpe d’Huez or Le Tourmalet we can say “I’ve done that”.

Not many people have. But anyone could.

So whilst our small band of happy enthusiasts may be some way behind Team Ineos or Julian Alaphilippe, we can still get up the climb and feel bloody good about it then and for ever after.

And that feeling is what Summertown Cycles is really all about.