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Summertown Cycles Supported schemes

Cycle to Work SchemeThe UK Government allows customers to buy bicycles and equipment from their gross salary – before income tax – meaning that they pay between 23% and 47% less than the retail price of the bicycle.

Cycle to Work schemes are typically offered by employers as an employee benefit. The scheme works via salary sacrifice, where employers deduct monthly payments at source. It’s easy for employers to set up and is a great way for working people to buy bicycles – including e-bikes – and equipment.

Summertown Cycles is licensed to work with most recognised Cycle to Work (CtW) Schemes. If your employer doesn’t operate a scheme, we can help them do so, quickly and easily through our partnership with the Green Commute Initiative, a CtW scheme provider.

We’re experts in making the purchase process simple. It works like this:

  1. Choose your bike and accessories (it's worth buying everything you need in one purchase, as the CtW Scheme covers accessories like lights, locks and helmets as well as bikes).
  2. We send you a quote, usually by email, which lists everything you’ve chosen.
  3. We take a deposit – usually £50 – which we’ll give back to you at the end of the process, when you come to collect your bike. If the bike you order is very expensive or unusual, we may ask for a bigger deposit.
  4. Give our quote to the person who administers the CtW scheme at your employer – often the HR Manager.
  5. Wait a couple of days for the process to work. Your CtW scheme provider sends you a voucher for the full value of your bike and accessories.
  6. You validate the voucher online – which automatically alerts us to prepare your bike and accessories for collection. Give us a call to arrange this.Note: if your employer uses the Halfords scheme, you’ll need to contact Halfords to let them know you’re collecting your bike from us. They transfer the voucher to Summertown Cycles and we’re good to go.
  7. Come in to collect your bike and get your deposit back. We’ll fit you onto your bike and make sure it’s set up right – just for you.
  8. After six weeks, come back and see us for your free first service.
Why use The Cycle to Work Scheme? Big savings and payments are spread over time.

Cycle to work schemes allows employers to offer their employees the use of a bike for commuting in exchange for a salary sacrifice. The salary sacrifice enables the employees to use their gross pay to reimburse the employer for the cost of the bike. The gross pay is before tax, so the employee saves the tax and national insurance which would have been due on the amount sacrificed (30%*, 42% or 47%). It also allows employees to spread the cost over monthly pay packets, making the acquisition more affordable.

There are a few different Cycle to Work Scheme providers: Cyclescheme, Halfords Cycle2Work, Green Commute Initiative, Bike2Work and Vivup. If your employer uses a different provider please let us know.

If you are looking for a Cycle to Work partner we recommend the Green Commute Initiative.